A Lactation Consultant

When breastfeeding, proper latching is everything! If the baby doesn’t latch properly to Mom’s breast, or can’t because of tongue tie, he will not receive the necessary amount of milk to help him grow and thrive. In addition to that, Mom’s nipples will become very sore and inflamed, thus discouraging Mom from keeping on breastfeeding.


The way to avoid all this pain is to have a certified Lactation Consultant by your side max 24 hours after your baby is born.

A friend of mine, Kara, paid our Lactation Consultant in advance, so that she would be there for sure the same day her baby would be born. Kara had experienced a lot of pain breastfeeding her first 2 babies, and wanted to be sure nursing would be a happy experience, this time. Oh, what a difference, having Lori by her side in those first few hours! Oh, what a perfect latching of your baby to your breast, avoiding her/him biting, attacking, reducing your poor nipples to nothing in just a few latches!

Furthermore, research shows that 5% of babies born are tongue-tied, a condition that prevents the baby from moving his tongue freely, therefore hurting Mommy non-stop while nursing. To know more about tongue ties and upper-lip ties, feel free to visit my other blog, frenectomytoday.wordpress.com.

If your Mom or your Aunts say that “they have nursed without any problems, so they know how to teach you” or that “the baby knows how to latch naturally”, thank them, but still get a certified Lactation Consultant in the first 24, max 48 hours after delivery. Too many Moms give up breastfeeding because the pain is unbearable, or because they’re told “they don’t have enough milk”, and the only reason is: the baby is not positioned to the breast correctly, therefore he/she can’t latch the right way. Going to LLL (La Leche League) meetings in my area has helped me realize how many Moms experience pain during nursing, and NEED someone to tell them that they can do it, if the latching is right and/or the tongue-tie problem is solved.

If giving your baby the best, most nutritious and free natural vaccine Nature provides you with (your own breast milk!) is important to you, invest in a Certified Lactation Consultant. You will never-ever-ever regret it!

God bless you and your baby. Remember: you are part of a Miracle!



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